About Us

Our Vision

All students will have equitable access to learning with options and opportunities to be successful and achieve their dreams.

Principal's Message

Principal’s Message: Welcome to Jackson Elementary School, home of the Jaguars! I am the proud principal of this Preschool-6th grade school where all of our staff puts students first. Our priorities/goals include:

  1. All students achieving one year of growth or more.
  2. Closing the achievement gap.
  3. Ensuring a safe environment.

Our goal is to work alongside parents and families to provide the best education for all of our Jaguars. We welcome collaboration and feedback to reach our goals!


Michelle Carr,
Jackson Principal

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Jackson's Behavior Matrix

Classroom Playground / Blacktop Cafeteria Bathroom Library Hallway Office Bus
Personal Responsibility *Come prepared
*Use materials appropriately
*Listen for whistle to stop
*Play fairly and kindly
*Walk at all times
*Clean up after self
*Use inside voices
*Keep hands and feet to yourself
*Lock door when in use
*Go and flush
*Return books to designated spot
*Take care of checked out books
*Walk in a straight line
*Use kind words
*Stay in front of the counter
*Keep hands and feet to self
*Stay seated*
Follow directions the first time
Respect *Listen attentively
*Follow directions
*Keep food in designated area
*Take turns with equipment
* Keep hands and feet to self
*Keep hands and feet to yourself
*Stand in line and wait patiently
*Use bathroom as it is intended
*Respect others’ privacy
*Listen/read quietly
*Wait patiently for your turn
*Use quiet voices
*Respect others and materials
*Face forward
*Be mindful of others in class learning
*Be polite
*State respectfully what you need
*Use quiet voice
*Listen to driver
*Keep hands and feet to yourself
Integrity *Treat others with kindness
*Be honest and do your own work
*Reach out for help if someone needs help *Line up in an orderly fashion and stay in your spot *Use bathroom only when needed
*Throw trash in can
*Keep shelves neat
*Leave area clean
*Return books to their designated spots
*Keep hands and feet to yourself
*Stay on sidewalk
*Be honest
*Follow rules
*Use a quiet, calm voice
Dependable *Participate in discussions and complete assignments *Take equipment to appropriate place
*Follow rules
*Be helpful to others
*Clean up trash that may have been left behind
*Use bathroom quickly and return to class *Leave area ready for next user
*Check out all books before leaving
*Be on time to class *Speak up for others
*After office visit, go straight back to class
*Keep bus litter free
*Let bus driver know if others need help
Excellence *Give your best effort
*Be engaged in learning
*Persevere when it gets tough
*Include others
*Be a problem solver
*Eat a healthy meal
*Eat your own food
*Wash hands with soap
*Tell an adult if something is wrong
*Wait patiently as others are being helped/ checked out
*Be an active listener
*Walk directly to your destination *Wait patiently *Treat others with kindness